Brush fire and a MVC to end the year

3 weeks ago

Here's our final video of 2019. Ride along with us first to brush fire threatening a field then after dark EMS and Fire units roll for a vehicle collision with roll-over.

LAX Airport action Dec 2019

4 weeks ago

This is terrible video as I attempted to film the runway action at LAX using a point and shoot camera zoomed in on a windy day. It is what it is. If you're an aviation ...

El Segundo RA-31 and E-31

4 weeks ago

Short video today from California. El Segundo Fire Dept Rescue Ambulance 31 and Engine 31 responding to an unknown emergency via Imperial Highway.

Rescue 74 forcible entry in a hotel

1 month ago

It's Friday the 13th and Delmar Rescue 74 rolls to assist the ambulance with forcible entry at a hotel. The call began as a routine medical call. Paramedic B-74 ...

Engine 74-1's first call

1 month ago

Just a quick video today, nothing too exciting. This is Delmar Fire Dept's new Engine 74-1 responding on it's first call. The call is for an AFA. There is no problem ...

Station 74 responds for a gas leak

1 month ago

Engine 74-3. Paramedic A-74 and Truck 74-4 respond for a reported gas leak/odour of gas in a shopping plaza. Units arrive to a smell of gas both inside and ...

Double trouble

2 months ago

A very busy shift for Station 74 included 3 MVC's, multiple EMS calls and a corn silo fire. In today's video we ride along on the first two vehicle collision calls.

Delmar Engine 74-3 to gas leak

2 months ago

Here's a quick video this evening. Engine 74-3 responds to a reported propane leak behind the Walgreens store on the Delaware side. Engine 74-3 is cancelled ...

MVC - units on scene

4 months ago

Short video today, basically just a colection of short clips on-scene and after the work was done. Station 9 Mardela Springs was alerted for a motor vehicle ...

Busy B-Shift: fire call, MVC and high priority EMS

4 months ago

The B in B-Shift means busy. In this video we start off first thing with an Unknown Type Fire call aboard Brush 74-0, later on Fire & EMS units roll for a serious ...

Mardela Springs Amb A-9 reported Aircraft Emergency

5 months ago

Fire Station 9 Mardela Springs along with Sharptown Station 14 and West Side Station 12 were alerted for a Water Rescue/Aircraft Emergency call. Station 9 ...

Paramedic B-5 MVC assist after vehicle fire

5 months ago

Once again a simple attempt at a food break results in a call. I believe this was our second or third attempt to eat, each time bringing a call. Ride along as ...

Motorcycle accident, Paramedic A-74 & Rescue 74 respond

5 months ago

Delmar Fire Dept Station 74, SCEMS Station 102 and DSP Trooper 2 respond for a serious vehicle collision involving a motorcycle. Ride along with the ...

Paramedic A-5 single vehicle MVC

6 months ago

Hebron Paramedic A-5 responds for a single vehicle accident. A vehicle left the highway and ended up in a sunflower field. Units arrive and transport the patient ...

High temps and severe storm keep fire engines rolling

6 months ago

July 17, 2019 brought soaring temperatures into the upper 90's during the day. Shortly after 3pm Delmar Fire Dept responded to Laurel for a reported house fire.

Engine-Tanker 74-2 responds for multiple structiures on fire

6 months ago

Stations 74, 2 & 6 were dispatched for a reported building fire. Units arrived to find a chicken house and associated structures on fire. Station 7 was added to the ...

Paramedic A-74 responds to structure fire

6 months ago

Stations 74, 2 and 6 were alerted for a building fire. Units arrived to find multiple structures on fire. Station 7 was added to the alarm for manpower and ...

DNR Police car

6 months ago

Quick video a Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police car. The car is a Chevrolet Impala. This particular generation of Impala's are less commonly ...

Rescue 74 MVC entrapment

6 months ago

This video is related to the previous video. Today's video is from aboard Rescue 74-6 responding to a serious MVC with entrapment.

Paramedic A74 MVC with Entrapment

7 months ago

Paramedic A-74 responds for a reported serious Motor Vehicle Collision with entrapment on the Maryland side. Rescue 74 also responds. You can see the ...

Rescue 74 responds to a MVC

8 months ago

74 Command, Rescue 74 and Paramedic B-74 respond to a Motor Vehicle Collision.