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Several explosions rock churches and hotels on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka

4 hours ago

At least six explosions rocked churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. A hospital official said scores were injured and at least two dozen dead.

FBI arrests man in civilian militia

8 hours ago

Larry Mitchell Hopkins, who is believed to be a member of an armed group that has detained​ Central American families near the U.S.-Mexico border was ...

CBS News poll: Support for legal marijuana use up to 65 percent

16 hours ago

A new CBS News poll says Americans' support for legal marijuana use is now at 65 percent, up from 45 percent just six years ago. But a majority of Americans ...

Trump expresses anger after release of Mueller report

16 hours ago

President Trump is on the defensive after the release of Robert Mueller's report. This comes as Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren became the first 2020 ...

Woman hospitalized after tiger attack at Topeka Zoo

17 hours ago

A woman was hospitalized after a tiger attack at the zoo in Topeka, Kansas. Officials said a male tiger attacked the woman, who is a trainer at the zoo.

Justice Department calls Nadler subpoena "premature and unnecessary"

1 day ago

The Justice Department said Friday a subpoena for the full, unredacted version of the Mueller report is "premature and unnecessary." Democratic strategist Joel ...

Trump lashes out from Mar-a-Lago after release of Mueller report

1 day ago

President Trump lashed out at special counsel Robert Mueller, those who cooperated with the investigation and the media. CBSN spoke with CBS News White ...

David and Louise Turpin sentenced to 25 years to life in "house of horrors" case

2 days ago

A California couple has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for torturing and holding their 13 children captive for years. David and Louise Turpin pleaded ...

Some millennials are using their 401(k)s to pay down debt

2 days ago

For a generation defined by unprecedented levels of debt, paying down credit card and student loan bills trumps saving for retirement.

Warriors take series lead on Clippers

2 days ago

The Golden State Warriors rebounded from a blown lead in Game 2 to win Game 3 against the Los Angeles Clippers. Bill Reiter of CBS Sports HQ joined CBSN ...

Bride swaps engagement photoshoot to take photos with dying dad

2 days ago

A Virginia bride asked a photographer to use the deposit for her engagement photos to take pictures with her dad instead. He had advanced prostate cancer and ...

Fashion industry creates more emissions than flying

2 days ago

The clothing industry accounts for 8 percent of the world's carbon emissions. So what's it doing to reduce that figure?

What to stream this weekend: "Homecoming," "Ramy," "Someone Great"

2 days ago

"TV Guide associate editor Keisha Hatchett joins CBSN to talk about the best shows to stream this weekend: ""Homecoming,"" ""Ramy,"" and ""Someone Great.

Legal and political takeaways from the Mueller report

2 days ago

The release of the redacted Mueller report revealed the findings of a nearly two-year-long investigation. CBSN political contributor Molly Hooper and CSBN legal ...

Democrats, Republicans react to Mueller report

2 days ago

Many 2020 presidential candidates are weighing in on the special counsel's investigation. Republican political consultant Shermichael Singleton and ...

Lawmakers consider next steps after Mueller report

2 days ago

Special counsel Robert Mueller's report says Congress has the authority to apply obstruction of justice statutes to the president. CBS News chief congressional ...

Victim's sister fights to clear her brother's name in new "48 Hours"

2 days ago

A new episode of "48 Hours" investigates the case of a victim's sister fighting to clear her brother's name after his death. Correspondent Maureen Maher joined ...

Journalist shot dead in Northern Ireland rioting

2 days ago

29-year-old Lyra McKee, who wrote for the Atlantic and BuzzFeed, was shot and killed during unrest in Londonderry. Her death comes as police worry about a ...

Debt collectors may soon be able to text and email you

2 days ago

A federal agency says debt-collection regulations need to be updated to reflect new technology like smartphones.

Trump after Mueller report release: "I'm having a good day"

2 days ago

President Trump is claiming victory after special counsel Robert Mueller's report was released Thursday. CBSN political contributor Molly Hooper, Republican ...

Rising British actress Mya-Lecia Naylor dies at 16

2 days ago

Mya-Lecia Naylor, a rising, young actress who appeared in several British TV shows and films, died suddenly on April 7, her agent said in a statement. She was ...