Little Big Toys

Dunk Tank Game with Bug's Family

1 day ago

Family fun game where you spin the wheel to see what you will get dunked in.

Bug babysitting and caring

1 week ago

Bug helps babysit her little sister Lala while mommy is running errands.

Bug and Giant Box Fort Maze

2 weeks ago

Bug and mommy built a very big maze for little puppies.

MOST BEAUTIFUL Boxfort Compilation | Best of Bug

2 weeks ago

This is a compilation of Bug's amazing boxforts eversince she started doing boxforts 3 years ago.

Bug's Stylish and Easy Hairstyles

3 weeks ago

Hi guys, here's how we made my most requested hairstyles, I hope you like this video and if you have any more suggestion, you may comment in my community ...

Bug Made a Surprise for all Pets

4 weeks ago

Today Bug and mom planned a surprise for her pet's birthday. She made a cake and decorations for them. Watch the pets funny reaction !

Bug on Friends get me the Best Present

1 month ago

I got my dream gift on my special day.

Bug made Cutest Wooden House for all Pets

1 month ago

We made a Barbie style wooden pet house for all my pets so that they will not mess up my room.

Bug and Dad Made School Bus into Barbie Style house

1 month ago

Some of you want to learn how we converted my school bus into a barbie style dream house, hope you guys will enjoy this video.

Bug 8th Birthday Party Special !

2 months ago

Hi guys, today is my birthday and mommy and daddy made me a surprise party ! Stay tuned to see how she spent it with friends next :) Thanks for visiting here ...

Bug Lived in a Barbie Style Mobile House

2 months ago

Bug spent one whole day in her new little Dream house school bus. We went to 2 exciting places ! Thank you so much for visiting our channel :)

Bug Incredible School Bus Converted into Barbie Style Tiny House!

2 months ago

Bug's school bus project took us more than 3 weeks to build, we designed it to look like a little barbie dream house! hope you guys will like this and stay tuned for ...

Bug Time to Clean Room

2 months ago

Soooo since my nanny is on vacation for 3 days, I have to clean my room all by myself ????

Fruitiful Locker Decorations for Back to School !

3 months ago

In this video Bug teaches you how to make fun and creative fruity back to school supplies to decorate your lockers :)

Bug Speak Tagalog Challenge

3 months ago

Yello Guys!!! I'm doing what a lot of you have requested and thats for me to speak tagalog or Filipino languange in my vlog for a day. Sana magustuhan ninyo ...

Bug is going to the princess ball

3 months ago

Today I'm preparing to go to a ball. After breakfast, I exercise and dress up in my favourite long pink gown. Enjoy watching guys !

Bug New Princess Frozen Bedroom !

3 months ago

We have transformed Bug's new doll house into a frozen bedroom with slide !

Bug Incredible Giant Dollhouse Party

4 months ago

I had to wake my custom made twin doll Celestine early today so that we can start cleaning and planning the best housewarming Party for her. Hope you guys ...

Bug 24 Hours in Giant Barbie Doll House

4 months ago

Bug bought the biggest 2 story doll house in the world and tried living there with her twin doll .

Funniest Giant Board Game Challenge ! Loser gets Egg Surprise !

4 months ago

In this video Bug and Mom played the giant board game challenge. Can you guys guess who won $2000 and who got the egg surprises ?!


5 months ago

In this video we made the biggest cardboard box submarine to explore the sea.