Cable Rides

That's a really bad spot to break down... Episode 11

2 years ago

Riding home on a chilly night, saw something out of the corner of my eye. Poor dude was stuck in the HOV lane between the K-Rail and the open lanes. Note: I ...

I got pulled over, EXTREMELY Ironic...Episode 10

3 years ago

So when having a chat about flow of traffic, I get pulled over for.. speeding...

My thoughts on Lanesplitting, and AB51 (CA Lanesplitting bill) Episode 9

3 years ago

Had a long ride down to San Diego, decided to have a chat about lanesplitting, and a new "lanesplitting bill" proposed here in California (AB51).

Crazy Multi-Vehicle Accident - Episode 8

3 years ago

Came across this accident. Most of the occupants seemed a little in shock, but were mostly okay. Hope everyone makes a speedy recovery, and glad that no one ...

A brief intro on Cable, and of course, idiots. Episode 7

4 years ago

Super quick intro on me and my riding background. Plus.. more idiot drivers, and Dominos pizza driver being an absolute shit driver.

CHP Shuts Down the Freeway! Episode 6

4 years ago

Daniel's Revenge, "Arrowing" and CHP Freeway Shutting down the freeway to clear an accident.

Why are Motovloggers SO MAD?! Episode 5

4 years ago

Quick update, a few clips, and a brief explanation about why motovloggers seem to be so angry all the time.

To the movies... and Prom? Episode 4

4 years ago

Just a quick bit. Riding out to the theaters after a full day of riding. Camera was acting up, so I lost most of my footage :(

Loose dog on the CA 60 Freeway (Excerpt) - April 30th, 2016

4 years ago

Came up on some traffic. Turns out there was a dog running loose on the freeway. CHP was already on scene. With the help of a few other motorists, we were ...

Who let the dogs out? Featuring Officer Rob! Episode 3

4 years ago

Starts with a little heart to heart, a little traffic, and a loose dog on the WB 60 FWY. Also, ran into a fellow rider whose channel I literally started watching a few ...

Where even am I? Episode 2

4 years ago

Taking a quick trip down south to visit a buddy.

Back at it again, new motovlogging channel. Bonus Explosions! Episode 1

4 years ago

First of a new series of motovlogging.