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This Is The Way Kids Songs| Nursery Rhymes for Children by Toys and Colors

1 day ago

Sing-along to the This is The Way song by toys and colors! This fun nursery rhymes song will help kids have a good morning routine to follow before school.

Jannie and Alex Catch the Cookie Monster Stealing Cookies | Pretend Play with Kids Food Toys

3 days ago

Jannie and Alex need to find out who is stealing all of the cookies. Is it the Cookie Monster? Subscribe for notifications to new videos: ...

Jannie and Emma Learn Good Habit by Pretend Play Police | Police Kids Helps People

5 days ago

Jannie and Emma learn good habits and manners by pretend playing as police officers. Subscribe for notifications to new videos: ...

Bake a Cake Song | Wendy Learn How to Bake a Birthday Cake | Sing-Along Nursery Rhymes Kids Songs

1 week ago

Wendy and Andrew learn how to bake a cake with the Bake a Cake song! Sing-along to this fun nursery rhymes for kids. Subscribe for notifications to new ...

Emma and Andrew Toy Sewing Machine | Pretend Play Making Kids Clothes

1 week ago

Emma and Andrew both have a tailor shop and use toy sewing machines to make and fix clothes! Funny story for kids about learning to be fair and kind to other ...

Emma and Andrew Chocolate Phone | Food and Toys Challenge

2 weeks ago

Emma has a bunch of chocolate food toys. Andrew really wants to make a replica of the chocolate phone, but messes it up. How will he fix it? Fun food and toys ...

Clean Up Trash and Recycle Song | Wendy Sing-Along Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

2 weeks ago

Sing-along to the Clean Up Trash and Recycle song with Wendy, Alex, and the Toys and Colors Family! Wendy and Alex don't know how to recycle or get rid of ...

Funny Kids Story about Aliens with Wendy Alex and Lyndon

2 weeks ago

Aliens are roaming around looking for something and the kids help them find it. Alex is pretend to be an alien and the aliens think he is one of their own! Funny ...

Emma and Andrew Digging with Beach Sand Toys and Find a Dinosaur

2 weeks ago

Emma and Andrew are digging for fossils with their sand toys and find a dinosaur bone and a magic wand! Emma uses the wand and turns the dinosaur into a ...

Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands Song Healthy Habits Nursery Rhymes Song for Kids

3 weeks ago

Jannie and Alex learn healthy habits with the Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands song! This fun nursery rhymes will help kids wash their hands after playing with ...

Emma and Andrew Plays with Dinosaur and Builds Him a Play House

3 weeks ago

Emma and Andrew are playing with a giant dinosaur appears! They run around and figure out that the dinosaur just wants friends to play with and a house to ...

Wendy Pretend Play with Giant Bubbles | Fun Bubble Toys for Kids

3 weeks ago

Wendy is playing with her giant bubble toys and Andrew and Michael wants to play too! She doesn't want to share, so Andrew and Michael find a way to get the ...

Wendy and Alex Pretend Play Paint Color Unicorn Toy for Kids

4 weeks ago

Alex is selling a unicorn toy that can be painted on and Wendy really wants to play on it. However, she didn't finish her homework and used all of her money to ...

Jannie Pretend Play with Frozen Sven Reindeer and Water Nokk Ride On Toys

4 weeks ago

Jannie pretend play with her new Frozen Sven reindeer and Water Nokk ride on toys. She uses the Water Nokk to race Alex in a race! Who will win in the end.

Emma Jannie and Liam Wants to Grow Taller to Jump on Inflatable Play House Toy

4 weeks ago

Emma isn't allowed to jump on the inflatable playhouse toy because she is too short! She tries all kinds of funny tricks to grow, but none of them works. What is ...

Emma and Andrew Learns about Animals and Animal Names for Kids | Fun Educational Pretend Play Video

1 month ago

The animals escaped from Emma's zoo and Andrew and Uncle K have to look for them. Emma only knows the scientific names of the animals and doesn't know ...

The Boo Boo Nursery Rhymes Song Wendy Pretend Play Song for Kids

1 month ago

The kids are excited to play, but sometimes they get boo boos. This fun song will help kids feel better when they have a boo boo. Sing-along to the Boo Boo song ...

Jannie and Emma Pretend Play New Cars Room

1 month ago

Jannie and Emma help Liam set up his new bedroom with a new car bed and other toys! Subscribe for notifications to new videos: ...

Jannie and Alex Pretend Play Selling Hotdogs and Hamburgers Fast Food Toys

1 month ago

Jannie and Alex have fast food restuarnts and are selling all kinds of food toys such as pizza, hotdogs, and hamburgers! They try to make enough money to take ...

Emma and Andrew Pretend Play with Hatchimals Lalacorn Surprise Egg Toy

1 month ago

Emma and Andrew try to hatch the Hatchimals Lalacorn surprise egg! They try everything and can't get it to work. What will they do? Subscribe for notifications to ...

Wendy and Alex Pretend Play with a Skeleton Dinosaur

1 month ago

Wendy and Alex pretend play with a giant skeleton dinosaur! Wendy is sleeping when suddenly a dinosaur wakes her up. She runs to Alex's castle to try and get ...