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Rainbow Underlights Add Pops Of Color To Your Hair

7 hours ago

Hairstylist Ruby Devine, based at The LABoratory salon in Alexandria, Virginia, creates colorful dye jobs by using the underlights technique. The look is ...

Custom Facial Uses Pumpkin To Reduce Acne Scars

3 days ago

Savor Spa in New York City offers a K-beauty facial called the Champagne Couture facial. Hoping to reduce her acne scars, Insider producer Doyinsola Olapido ...

Stylist Is The Master Of The Modern Bob

5 days ago

Texas-based hairstylist Chris Jones is the master of the modern bob. From blunt lines with soft edges to textured styles, his cuts put a twist on the traditional ...

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement For Balding Heads

1 week ago

There is no surgery involved with these hair replacements. Hairstylist and replacement specialist Phil Ring uses "hair systems" to give balding heads a new look.

Inside Sephora's $45 Holiday Advent Calendar

2 weeks ago

Advent calendars have come a long way from holding just chocolates. Now, they're filled with beauty products, perfume, and even Legos. The Frosted Party ...

35 Beauty Treatments To Add To Your Bucket List | The Ultimate List

2 weeks ago

We all deserve a spa day every now and then, but these treatments take it up a notch. Insider compiled a list of 35 beauty treatments to add to your bucket list.

$3 vs. $23 Glitter Primer | How Much Should I Spend?

3 weeks ago

Since the release of HBO's hit show "Euphoria," glitter is having a major moment in the beauty world. But when it comes to using glitter in makeup, you want to ...

How Earwax Is Professionally Extracted

3 weeks ago

Everyone naturally produces earwax. It's a completely normal process, and the wax is beneficial because it can clean your ear. But sometimes the wax can build ...

Wax Mask Removes Peach Fuzz For Smoother Skin

3 weeks ago

Barbers have incorporated waxing into their services for years, but recently, aestheticians have as well. The Secret Brow Society created a wax mask that it says ...

How Brow Lamination Can Give You Naturally Full Brows

3 weeks ago

Brow lamination is a new treatment similar to an eyelash lift. It is said to work best for people with naturally thick eyebrows, and it is supposed to make brows look ...

$10 vs. $80 Rainbow Eye-shadow Palette | How Much Should I Spend?

4 weeks ago

Neutral eye-shadow palettes are a dime a dozen, making a great rainbow eye-shadow palette hard to find. But recently, an influx of superbright, pigmented, ...

I Tried Eyeliner Strips That Claim To Give A Cat Eye In Seconds | Beauty Or Bust

4 weeks ago

Creating perfect winged eyeliner is no easy feat, and, nowadays, it seems like there are about a million "solutions" to help you create sharp, even wings. We tried ...

Headband Creates Natural Curls Without Heat

4 weeks ago

The Aurora Band creates natural-looking curls without any heat. The headband was created by Aurora Hair Products and transforms your hair into glamorous ...

Holographic-Flame Nail Stickers Are Worn By Missy Elliott

4 weeks ago

Flame nails have been a huge trend for a few months now, but these holographic nail stickers take it to the next level. Missy Elliott even wore them at Essence ...

The Best Way To Fix Broken Makeup

1 month ago

Every makeup lover has had the experience of dropping a beloved powder product and having it shatter, resulting in broken makeup that's difficult and messy to ...

Stylist Creates Carnival-Inspired Hairstyles

1 month ago

Hairstylist Kelly O'Leary creates styles that will have you feeling nostalgic about days filled with cotton candy, carnival vendors, and Ferris wheels. Kelly works on ...

Eyebrow Marker Claims To Give Brows A Microbladed Look

1 month ago

Microbladed eyebrows are still incredibly popular, but not accessible to everyone. They are expensive and semi-permanent. Ciaté London is just one of the ...

Testing Hyped Products From Millie Bobby Brown's Beauty Line

1 month ago

Florence by Mills, the beauty line from "Stranger Things'" star, Millie Bobby Brown, is just one of the many celebrity beauty lines to come out this year. With so ...

$13 vs. $80 Body Foundation | How Much Should I Spend?

1 month ago

Body makeup is an easy way to bronze the body or cover up any imperfections. Body makeup has had a huge comeback thanks to the release of the KKW ...

Nails Change Color Like Mood Rings

1 month ago

These mood-ring nails will give you '90s flashbacks. They change color based on temperature. To achieve the vibrant manicure, coat your nails in Liquid Crystal ...

31 Beauty Products Under $30 | The Ultimate List

1 month ago

From glitter face masks to temporary tattoos, here are 31 budget-friendly beauty products you need to try. MORE ULTIMATE LIST: 25 Artists Taking Tattoos To ...