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WelshDrive 2013-2019. Killed by YouTube. Please subscribe to my new channel where I will continue uploading future bad driving videos, bonus clips and the occasional vlog. All future compilations will consist of only my clips due to the way YouTube's new system works.

Long story short YouTube has removed all of my rights because I've been uploading other peoples content. I must remove all uploaded content that wasn't created by myself...... Oh wait, that's nothing yet every video has been claimed anyway and there's literally nothing I can do about it. I'm not even allowed to interact with you guys!

So thanks to all my subscribers who have shown never ending support and to the people who have reached out to try and help me continue plus everyone who has donated anything on Patreon will be getting a refund. It's a real shame as I have devoted a lot of my life to this channel.

To everyone who has sent in clips, they will not go to waste I will put together the final compilations. I am no longer accepting clips.

I will probably create a second channel at some point but it will be entirely my footage, like it was in the beginning.

Welcome to the 178th Bad Driving UK Compilation!

Lots of reckless driving, road rage, close overtakes, drunk driving, near misses, confusion and accidents.

A long gap in uploads, sorry for that. I was waiting to see how multiple copyright claims on basically every video would play out. took a month or more before most claims were released, a couple videos are blocked and others locked to private. A recent video 'redlightrunners' comp got 41 copyright claims.

Like many other YouTubers I am finding YouTube increasingly difficult to deal with. I know of two other popular dashcam channels who have had all their videos de-monetised, blocked etc due to bogus claims and reasons that if true would affect every single channel.
I don't do these videos for the money, but at the same time, it takes a long goddamn time to put these compilations together only for some mug to claim it. I have been considering starting a patreon for a while now, so if people are willing to support me, I would put a lot more time and effort into this channel and could treat it as a full time job.

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At the end of 2019, the twats of the week will be compiled into their own compilation, a poll for the twat of the year will be added to that video and the person who sent the clip who features the twat of the year, will be sent a nice dash-cam.

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Email me, Welshdrive@outlook.com.

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Music sourced from Epidemic sound. License paid for by MCN/UnionForGamers.

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Outro: Real Events 3 - Jonatan Järpehag


Please note that if you take anything from this video and use it in your own without permission I will contact YouTube, including the thumbnails! I've seen several YouTube channels lately re-using my thumbnail/videos and I've taken action, respect the contributors and creators. Thanks. Incidentally if you spot a video that has my content in it you can take action on my behalf!


1 London Witness

Chris M

Graham S

James M

John W



Liam H

Colin M

Matthew K

Hannah R


The Kruxed

Iain H




Dean S


Mark W



Mark H



Aiden H

Darren B

Carl A

Nicholas W

Sindy D

Driving Crawley


James M

Lee S

A Hind

ZX Josh

Cuban Hermes

Matthew S

John W

Robert N

Liam W

Jon J


Ismali A

John B


Ben M

Dangerous Driving Northumberland

Apple Pie

Matt B



Matthew J

Gavin J

Christopher J

Luke W




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