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Musicians have been making us hot under the collar with racy lyrics since before Elvis and his swinging hips. There have been plenty of songs about everything from steamy beach love affairs to night club hook-ups to get listeners worked up. Musicians have taken that passion on-screen with their risqué music videos. They know what fans and the media want to see and have been pushing the envelope, producing sexier and sexier video debuts.

From Madonna to Britney, these musicians aren’t afraid to be sexual. While they have become somewhat of a marketing tool to sell more music, that doesn’t mean these salacious vids aren’t fun. Who doesn’t love to let loose a bit, after all. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 10 most sexiest music videos of all time, including Beyonce — Partition, Kanye West — Fade and Chris Isaak — Wicked Game. Take in the eye candy while you enjoy the songs!

The most sexiest music video clips of all time:

1. Chris Isaak — Wicked Game
2. Prince — Kiss
3. Madonna — Justify My Love
4. Britney Spears — I’m a Slave 4 U
5.Janet Jackson — Any Time, Any Place
6. D’Angelo — Untitled (How Does it Feel)
7. Fiona Apple — Criminal
8. Rihanna — S&M
9. Kanye West — Fade
10.Beyonce — Partition

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