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Hey guys thanks for watching! Also Sorry about the Loud audio at some parts of the video it's a weird glitch in the sony vegas file that I couldn't manage to fix. So I hope you guys don't mind. But anyways have an awesome day and I'l catch you guys later :)


- Go to www.wotreplays.com and upload your replay
- Think of an original title and describe short what happens.
- add the timeframes of the event in the description
- Send the link to the replay to: replay.luckyleopard@gmail.com
- And maybe who knows your clip will be featured in the next World of WTF :).

Music Used:
Elektronomia - Sky High
TheFatRat - Timelapse
Will & Tim - Song Of Storms
Jock Jams - Are You Ready For This
NCS - Jumbo (Outro Song)

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