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Here are 10 incredible moments caught on police car dashcams

Some things you just have to see to believe. Thankfully, the trend of installing dashcams in police vehicles is allowing for just that.

Here are 10 of the more incredible moments the recording devices have captured.

Number 10. Man walking around with a golf club. The Seattle officer on the scene said that the 69-year-old wielded the sporting equipment in a threatening manner, so she arrested him. Video evidence taken by the patrol car’s dashcam shows he was, as he said, just using it as a cane. An apology was issued.

Number 9. Officer saves choking motorist. While on traffic patrol in the Bronx, a member of the NYPD noticed a car that had slowed down in the right lane. After pulling the vehicle over, he approached the driver and discovered she was having difficulty breathing. He performed the Heimlich maneuver, dislodged a cough drop, and called for medical assistance.

Number 8. Tossing a ball around with a lonely kid. Sergeant Ariel Soltura was traveling through a Rosenberg, Texas neighborhood when he saw a kid with a football, but no friends to enjoy it with. He took a moment to get out of the car and play some catch with the youth, no doubt making the 10-year-old’s day.

Number 7. Delaware officer shakes it off. Sometimes when a Taylor Swift song plays a person just needs to get down and sing along. That’s exactly what Master Corporal Jeff Davis did, only his performance was caught on camera and shared with the world via Facebook and YouTube.

Number 6. Falling tree. It started out as a regular traffic stop, but certainly didn’t end that way. In the midst of talking to the driver about why their lights weren’t on, the Centerville, Iowa officer was struck by a falling tree. He survived, but whether the incident makes him lucky or unlucky remains a hotly debated topic.

Number 5. Long, complicated horse chase. A horse carriage driver in Poland only left his coach for a moment to run into a store. While he was away, an engine backfired and the frightened animals took off. Efforts to corral them included a car chase, roadblocks, and finally just pursing the pair on foot and grabbing the reins when the horses were distracted.

Number 4. Officers fighting. Upon being pulled over by a uniformed member of the Miami Police Department, the lieutenant who was stopped for speeding reportedly stated his title and forced his car door open into the officer. The two struggled and ended up on the ground. Several other units showed up and an investigation followed.

Number 3. Batman gets stopped. It seems that even Batmobiles must be sporting state-issued tags. During a traffic stop related to the lack of them, police learned that this particular bat-inspired crusader’s name is really Lenny, but that he truly was in the midst of performing an act of heroism. He was on his way to a hospital to spread some cheer among sick children.

Number 2. Officer breaks down. Believing that a man he’d stopped was going to pull a weapon on him, a policeman in Billings, Montana drew his own firearm and fatally wounded the individual. Upon realizing the victim wasn’t even armed, the officer collapsed next to a squad car and was inconsolable over what he’d just done.

Number 1. A sing-along with Katy Perry. Luckily dashcams don’t always record what’s going on in front of police cars, because sometimes the good stuff is going on inside of them. Like this clip showing two Rosenburg, Texas officers lip-syncing to Katy Perry’s hit ‘Dark Horse’. The video made its way to Facebook, and was then viewed and shared all around the world.
Which dashcam video do you find the most interesting?

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